Ico Review: It Is Legit Or Scam Ico? Ico Review: It Is Legit Or Scam Ico?

About helps you with Real time DeFi / NFT Analytics and Insights to be ahead of the game. Know your way around trading Crypto currencies and NFTs to make decision based on knowledge with DexCheck. This is a web platform providing numerous analytical tools for cryptocurrencies trading as well as NFTs. An all-in-one data analytics platform, They provides real-time data, big trades updates, live token alerts and more in an organized, visually-appealing feed that saves you both time & effort of having to constantly research across different DEXes. You’ll have all the relevant data in one place to make smarter investment decisions.

Token Basic Information

Token NameDexcheck
Token SymbolDXCHECK
Ico Price$0.120000
Token For Sale833,333 DXCHECK
Soft Cap$50,000
Personal Cap100 USDT ~ 500 USDT
Fundraising Goal$100,000
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage


DexCheck Platform Features:

Chain Board: 

ChainBoard provide users access to cognitive intelligence feed on network data metrics of the top-tier blockchains

NFT Board: 

NFT Board empowers users to explore and track trending NFTs with real-time trading volumes. Users can evaluate NFTs for their trend analysis, historical charts and previous transactions history.


DexSwap enables users to trade on several DEXs with the most suitable rate getting favourable results each time.


The real-time charts permits users to track performance of their favourite coins along with getting history and other relevant data in a visually aesthetic and organized manner

New Tokens: 

New Tokens feature showcases the newly listed tokens on different DEXs enabling users to find the real hidden gems avoiding ponzi schemes

Big Trades: 

With Big Trades feature, users can keep themselves updated when a whale buy or sell a token enabling them to stay ahead of the game

Wallet Tracking: 

Manage, track, copy, and save the most profitable wallets all in one place.


Taking care of your crypto taxes to ensure a hassle-free crypto experience. Whether its an accurate crypto tax report, inventory tracking, or transaction organizing you want to get hold of- DexTax accommodates it all.

Visualize. Understand. Win.

Invest wiser by making data-based decisions. Predict crypto/NFT pricing trends through augmented data tools & scheme.

Making Analytics Work for You


DexCheck focuses to assist traders by giving comprehensive and up-to-date data on current market patterns.

Real-time Data

DexCheck envisions an easy-to-use unified interface for all DEX needs which will enable users to get real-time data sufficient to update them of newly launched liquidity pools across multiple blockanalytics thereby maximizing potential earnings.

Smart Tracking

DexCheck aims to help investors and traders in tracking the wallets of their favorite traders/ whales as well as obtaining historical and other pertinent data in a visually appealing and well-organized manner

DeFi / NFT Edge

DexCheck helps you predict crypto/NFT pricing trends through augmented data tools & analytics. Forecast future values and make the safest risks with our cutting-edge data analysis.

Chain Board

An organized data feed that displays the aggregate network data metrics for all the blockchains integrated.

NFT Board

Navigate through trending NFTs with ease. Providing you with real-time floor and volume data, analytics, all at your fingertips.


Make the best trades with the best rates possible across multiple DEXs anytime, anywhere.


Easily see real-time charts, transactions, and data of your favorite coin.

New Tokens

Discover new tokens and hidden gems at the same moment they are listed on DEXs.

Big Trades

Stay up-to-date on the most relevant DEX trades. Be the first to know when the whales buy or sell a coin.

Wallet Tracking

Manage, track, copy, and save the most profitable wallets all in one place.

DexCheck (DXCHECK) Token Utility

Alpha Unlocks

Hold DXCHECK token to unlock premium platform features/ analytics/ wallet tracking and much more.

Fees Removal

All platform fees (when involved) are removed by holding the DXCHECK token.

Exclusive Early Access

DXCHECK token stakers get exclusive early access to new features.

DAO Governance Rights

DAO governance rights are given to DXCHECK token holders.

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